Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.

A History with the State of Maine A Legacy You Can Trust

Stuart’s Atlas of the State of Maine

Family History in Maine

My great great grandfather, J.H. Stuart of South Paris, Maine published Stuart’s Atlas of the State of Maine. My great grandfather, H.H. Stuart was the principal of Cony High School, and then the Superintendent of Schools in Augusta, Maine.

My grandfather, F. Lawrence Stuart was the principal of multiple high schools in Maine, and the Director of Maine State Parks and Recreation, helping develop and maintain multiple state parks including the Aroostook State Park and Reid State Park. He also served on the Campobello Commission, and helped form the Maine Conservation School at Bryant Pond in Bethel.

My recently deceased father studied forestry at the University of Maine at Orono, completing his Master’s thesis on Baxter State Park. He spent many hours hiking in the park, and also owned Heath’s Outdoor Store in Augusta, before becoming the City Planner for Augusta. He was also City Manager in Winthrop, Maine.

Bottom left clockwise: HH Stuart, Lawrence Stuart, JH Stuart, Donald Stuart

For four years, I led a Central Maine residential program for adults struggling with substance abuse and/or mental illness. That service prepared me for work with politicians in Augusta — lobbying on many issues of concern to Maine citizens for the next twenty years.

I led multiple victorious statewide referendums, including a dramatic and successful people’s veto in 1998 that featured a mid-winter vote just days after the ice storm that closed Maine.

I spoke and debated at every University of Maine campus, served on Governor Angus King’s Fatherhood Commission alongside Maine legislators and other social service professionals.

I led a statewide public policy group for over two decades.  I couldn’t be more proud of my family’s heritage in government.  I am uniquely qualified to serve as governor of the great State of Maine — especially in these foreboding times.

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Michael Heath is a well-known populist executive leader in Maine.

After graduating from college with a BA in religion and philosophy, he  served for four years as chief executive of a Maine-based residency program for men and women struggling with substance abuse and/or mental illness.

Heath served as the associate director of a statewide policy council, the historic Christian Civic League of Maine.  Four years later, he was appointed executive director of the League for the next sixteen years. In this capacity Heath lobbied and worked successfully on a variety of issues with governors, legislators, activists, and political appointees.

After twenty-five years of public service in Maine, Heath is now serving the state he loves as a Park Ranger.

He makes his home in Augusta, with his wife of forty-one years, who is a professional singer and songwriter. They are proud grandparents, with three grown sons, two of whom are married, giving them seven grandchildren so far. The Heaths’ two youngest sons served with distinction as active-duty US Marine sergeants, and their oldest son is chief operating officer at a successful cyber-security company.