Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.

Billions Will Die in the Next Year?!

This Priest reports from Rome that billions will die in the next year from the Jab.  He may be right.

If the world can take Critical Race Theory seriously then this can be true.  If adults can watch a boy defend himself perfectly within the law, and wonder whether it was self defense, then anything is possible.

Surely you’ve noticed that Soros, Gates, Fauci and Schwab are all in with their agenda to take away your property?  They have declared in their smooth marketing speak that “YOU WILL LIKE IT!”

If you don’t already know this then let me ask you something, “What will it take for you to wake up?”

Your son or daughter dying after they get the Jab?

Your grandson declaring, after you sacrificed for eighteen years to raise him in the Church, that he’s actually a woman and having some surgical hack do her thing on his body?


Michael Heath

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