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We Will Control Them Both

Why Voting Changes NothingThis is G. Edward Griffin dropping a truth bomb about how we've been manipulated by hidden forces using the two party political system. Well worth the one minute.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Get Your Hands DirtyThis podcaster is well worth your time.  The "Ice Age Farmer" is telling the truth.  Local, state and national agriculture leaders are lying.  They are either useful idiots to the global new world order commies, or they are in on it.  There is no...

Jezebel Kills Doctor’s Livelihood

Jezebel Kills Maine Doctor's LivelihoodWaterville Maine Dr. Paul Gosselin's cancer and drug addicted patients are now dying on the streets.  Maine's Governor Kills removed him from her list of approved doctors a few days ago.  He cannot help his patients anymore...

No CBDCs On My Watch

Central Bank Digital Coins are EvilAs Governor I will do everything in my power to fight the idea of Central Bank Digital Currency's use within the borders of Maine. Our citizens must be free to transact value globally without being tracked by any centralized power....

Make Porn a Crime

Make Porn a Crime  Click on the image for an explanation of the extreme danger of pornography to Maine. No other candidate will discuss this. The sale, distribution, production and consumption of porn must be condemned in Maine law. Did you know this is statutory...

We Shouldn’t Even Be Thinking About It

We Shouldn't Even Be Thinking About ItWe shouldn't have to think about it, or talk about it.  Yet, here I am sorely vexed for the umpteemillionth time over the conflation of all things evil at the expense of love, clarity and truth. The trigger today, and they come...

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