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Brendan Eich is Amazing

As I write this I’m starting to listen to this three hour interview with Brendan Eich.  It gets technical early.  I hope it doesn’t go much deeper technically.  They’ll lose me.

I heard of Eich years ago because he invented a computer language.  Javascript is still a fundamental part of making the digital world work.  I gained respect for him when he came under fire for making a financial donation to the marriage campaign in his home state of California years ago.  But the biggest reason I follow him is his work developing the browser called Brave.  I love his vision.  He is helping to create an internet that secures privacy for each and every individual and entity on planet earth.

He just got into talking about aesthetics.  Spot on.  I’ve turned him off.  I’m now focused on writing this blog post.

I too am curious about aesthetics in my campaign for Governor and in my ministry.  There is an art to politics.  Beauty is found in everything, even war.  That is why we humans know of virtues like honor and courage in war.  It’s because we aren’t robots.  Machine learning isn’t human.  It is … just … math.  And we’ve known since the early twentieth century that math can only tell us so much.

Science and math tell us nothing about the human spirit, beauty and art.  For that we must have the idea of God.  And that is why America’s motto is still “In God We Trust.”

I want the Ten Commandments of God placed in the center of Maine’s Hall of Flags surrounded by all the battle flags of Maine men who sacrificed in war.

I want state government completely removed from education and welfare.  Local towns and families will be responsible for educating their children.  Christianity is the official religion of Maine.  We swear on Bibles and still mostly practice Christian rites of marriage and death.  Atheistic communism is about to the put the final nail in the coffin of these cultural realities and religious verities, but they still exist.  Do you really want them to be erased from Maine?

When I become Governor I will honor these cultural and religious realities.

Christianity is more real than communism.  It is also true and good.

Communism is evil.  Just look around.  Open your eyes and ears.

Paulie and I have started listening to the twenty seven hour audio book written by Bobby Kennedy about Anthony Fauci.  We have to pause it frequently.  The evil is simply unbelievable.  Hitler’s evil was nothing compared to what is revealed in this book.

And Hitler is a subject for another blog post.

Keep up the great work Brendan Eich.

Michael Heath

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