Michael Stuart Heath

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Climate Change

There’s no doubt in my mind that climate changes. I trust absolutely nothing that comes from corporate America. Inefficient use of materials and pollution of the earth by those materials is the problem in my mind. I don’t buy the CO2 side of the green agenda. Most real people don’t. The warming is probably the sun. And it’s not nearly as dramatic as it’s made out to be by agenda driven Leftists.

People are twitterpated by all the media hype.

Here’s a business that is making clever use of the hellish nature of all the hype.

Recycling is a great idea. We aren’t doing it because corporations don’t want it to happen. Government needs to force it.

I’m all for alternative sources of energy that work. I hate windmills. Solar is alright, but I don’t like these fields full of ugly panels. We need to encourage individuals to install solar. Then it won’t be a blight on our beautiful state, like the windmills are currently.

The science of energy production and distribution must evolve more before we can realistically replace fossil fuels. Government must end the stranglehold corporations and rapacious greedy immoral capitalists have on the engineering and production of efficient burning of fossil fuels, as well as alternatives to gas and oil.

Michael Heath

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