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You Know Him. You Trust Him.

Covid World with Dave Cullen

Never in my life have I had access to more honest and courageous content in media.  This is a blessing and a curse.  God has limited us by time.  My hunger to know stuff can never be satiated — especially now as we’re conditioned to think that knowledge is what is going to save us.

Knowledge doesn’t save us.  In many ways it is now the language of the devil.  He is using the firehose of information and knowledge to force us to trust government without question.  The diversity of opinion and news overwhelms us.  We turn to institutions to help us make sense of the situation.  And the only institution we are now allowed to trust is the government.  The bigger the better, we think.  Is this wise?  Is it true?

This is more dangerous now than ever before in human history.  It can animate the tribalism that Norb Kuk writes about so eloquently in his Wisconsin Christian News Column this week.  Read it here.

The video above is a simple one.  Irish former YouTuber Dave Cullen talking comfortably to a camera.

I’ve enjoyed following Dave for the past few years.  Cowardice fell away from him as the persecution worsened.

He is a source for common sense and clarity for me now.

I’m thankful Bitchute made it possible for his voice to carry beyond YouTube.


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