Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.


Lyin Ted sure doesn’t pass the straight face test on this one.  Conservatives will give him a pass though.  Ted is right on the most important issue of our day.  He gives the Israel lobby top priority in his political life.  That’s all he needs to keep conservatives happy today.  AIPAC has his back with them.

I’m not a conservative.  I’m a Christian.  And while I’m fine with citizenship being extended to anyone willing to swear on a Christian Bible, I’m not fine with giving the Talmud equal authority with anything Christian (like the Bible for example).

Politicians are not trustworthy because of all humans on the planet they are the ones most likely to project that they know the most, while being the most willfully ignorant.  Ted Cruzes on his keen mind and smooth talk.  He knows that at both the beginning, and the end, of the day he can say anything he wants and get away with it — as long as he keeps Bibi happy.

The constitutional lawyer just cruzes on ignoring the provisions about foreign entanglements.

As Tucker allows Ted’s intellect is impressive.  His knowledge on a variety of subjects is equally keen.  But everyone knows that knowledge puffs up. 

Pride is always our most potent enemy.

He should apologize for calling patriots terrorists.  He knew that’s what he was doing when he made that statement.  I don’t for one second buy his argument that he was referring to only those who beat up cops.  Tucker made the right rejoinder to that one —  especially in the context of January 6th.  Tucker told Ted that people who beat on cops may be criminals but they aren’t terrorists — BY DEFINITION.

As one of the million or so peaceful patriots who gathered that day in Washington D.C. to call for free and fair elections I expect Ted to cruz on over to Foxy News and issue a public apology.

That’s like wishing for a cold day in hell.

Politicians don’t take responsibility for anything. 

They clarify.




Michael Heath

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