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Defeat the Mandates

Paulie and I have been on the road everyday for at least six hours since last Wednesday.  We’ve been home sleeping in our own bed maybe twice in the past three weeks.  We are happy doing it.   It is ministry for the person we love more than life itself — Jesus Christ.  We are ready to die protecting his honor and good news everywhere, at all times and in every way.  He is the God of the universe.  A personal God who loves us more than His life itself.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the most censored people by Big Tech are Christians who are willing to confront the lies in science and politics.  I’ve sure noticed.  It’s been happening to me my whole career.  The most surprising censors for me in the past couple decades are the pastors of evanjellyfish churches in Maine.  They are the worse.  That’s a subject for a dozen more blog posts in the future.

If you take time to watch the fifteen minute first hand video report above from the We are Change news channel you’ll learn that the group that turned out for the Defeat the Mandates Rally was smaller than hoped.  I agree with the reporter who pointed out that the American people have had enough of all of it.  This is especially true of men and women like Paulie and me.  We are sick to death of the whole controversy over covid.  But not just covid.  We are tired of the hate and ugliness these left wing “progressive” forces are pushing.  They are the ones pushing racial differences.  We’ve never cared.  And it’s not because we are “rich” that we don’t care.  That’s a bald faced lie — and they know it.

Shame on you for spending even one nanosecond wondering if the troubles blacks suffer in America are your fault.  This is all politics all the time.  This whole New World Order campaign that was launched centuries ago is designed to destroy the family unit and replace it with a centralized government controlled “civilization.”  The most effective weapon they’ve used is sex.  We’re awash in unhinged, violent, hateful, hyper sexualized conflict.  It didn’t just happen.  Forces in the world that hate our Christian way of life are bringing it down.  We are in the final stage of this attack.

There is only one thing you can do to save Maine and America.  You must repent.  You must take personal responsibility for what is happening — especially if you are my age or older.  We allowed this to happen.  It is happening on your watch if you’re an older American.  And not one of our large institutions is on your side.  Even the “good” ones are stuck in the politics of the New World Order psy op.  Rallies and marches haven’t done a thing to end baby murder.  It’s been half a century.  And all the “churches” of America are now Left wing politically.  Every single one of them.

The Catholic Church has endured many a corrupt hierarchy over the past two thousand years.  This crop may top them all.

Stop supporting all of them with your donations.  Gather with local people of good will and fight to maintain our God-given constitutional liberties.

Don’t plan on making much progress on Fakebook, Screwtube and Twatter.  Turn off the screen and reconnect with nature and real people.  Stop hiding, distancing, jabbing, muzzling and fearing.

Choose to become a human being again.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.