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Defeat the Mandates

Paulie and I may choose to cross into the Twilight Zone on Sunday.  JP Sears, Dr. Robert Malone and Del Bigtree are leading a Stop the Mandates Rally in the heart of darkness, our once great nation’s capitol.

The last time I was there I got myself labeled an “Insurrectionist” for peacefully exercising my right to assemble.  I didn’t go near the capitol, where something really strange happened.  And the strangeness has more to do with government’s mismanagement of EVERYTHING than it has to do with the hundreds of thousands of American people who came together politically to attempt to quell violence, and restore liberty.

The Rally on Sunday appears to be well planned.  All three of the Stop the Steal Rallies were disappointments.  I pray this experience isn’t equally troubling from a political organization perspective.

I like the unifying message attacking the idea of mandates.  I’m no fan of “vaccines.”  However, under the circumstances of this war we’ve been in for two years I’m against the government denying people access to the experimental gene therapy.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want a jab, given the facts.  But that’s the point, isn’t it?  Most people aren’t getting the facts from the institutions they trust. 

That is the nature of this psychological warfare.  People are getting jabbed because they aren’t doing their homework.  They have been conditioned to trust media and government.  The independent institution most responsible for this imbalance in power, and the fact that all truth is now dead in the street, is the Christian Church.  It has failed in her duty to God the Father.  And Christians will answer for what they’ve done on their individual judgment day.

I know many folks have given up on DC.  They view it as a putrid lifeless swamp.  They are right.

It, however, remains the political and military capitol for our nation.  Failure to restore her political mechanisms under the authority of the Constitution will only lead to more unhinged and insane violence throughout the land.  I will fight politically for as long as I can.  The alternative is unthinkable.


Michael Heath

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