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Don’t be Afraid of Being Wrong

The truth is clearly on the side of the rising global movement for God-given human liberty, and constitutional guarantees of such.  I never bought into the covid cult’s narrative.  I saw the plannedemic as political.  Covid is a demonic political agenda that is based on the release of something from a bioweapons lab.

My guess is that the something that was released didn’t prove to be as deadly as the political planners envisioned.  The jab consequences also don’t appear to be as toxic as they’d hoped.  They are, however making masterful use of their big data sets to continue the manipulation of the masses.

My only question at this point is whether the masses will ever wake up.  It appears unlikely right now.  The conversation in the video above points out that people are not paying attention to any counter narratives about covid because they are afraid of being wrong about the jab.

I have faith, however, that this is going to turn around.  The mob is fickle.  It can turn on a dime.  But the mob must be exposed to truth.  And the licensed corporate media is paid to divert the mob’s attention away from truth.

Maine’s corporate sponsored media ignored me for a full year.  I believe only one article was published.  That was back in January of last year.  It was an attack piece, based on the fact that I have always — and will always — fight the sexual orientation political agenda.  I’ve taken time for two interviews in the past ten days or so.  I haven’t seen any evidence that either interview was time well spent — yet.  Hopefully something honorable will be born from the effort.  I am not holding my breath.

The latest contact from media is from the Associated Press.  A reporter sent a question through my website.  I’m praying about whether to take time to respond.  I’m probably going to wait to see what happens with the previous two interviews with lamestream media outlets.

I learned during my twenty years leading the Christian Civic League of Maine that journalists — to a man and woman — are not a group of people that an honest Christian can trust.  Not even a little bit.  I invested ninety minutes of my time going to the radio studio of a talk show host last week.  I just learned that my interview will not be archived on the internet.  My volunteer who is doing follow up tells me that the host continues to claim that he is editing the recording of the interview.  This has me seriously pondering agreeing to only live interviews.  I will create my own recording of all future interviews with journalists.

I granted access to a small gathering of supporters to a young print journalist the day before.  I believe he works for a weekly newspaper.  Haven’t heard that anything has been published.

I have always followed the dictum, “As long as they spell your name right.”  I guess there’s some truth to that, but in this information age I’m convinced that the better policy is to create and work your own media.

You can follow how I’m doing that at heathforgovernor.com

I’ve also decided to personally go deeper on a social media platform.  I never did a deep dive into YouTube, Fakebook or Twatter.  I’m starting to do one on gab.com

The founder and CEO is dedicated to building a true First Amendment platform.  He also doesn’t hide his faith in Jesus Christ.

Nor will I ever condition or mask — in any way — my faith in Jesus Christ.  The covid dirty rag version of a mask is a symbol of the West’s decision to silence itself on the fundamental importance of religion — especially the one founded by the second person of the trinity, Jesus.  The Pope would rather have muzzled secret meetings with Big Pharma than stop the Liberty-denying New World Order from being forced on humanity.

Remember what a famous former President of the United States once said.  We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.