Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.

Gayway Poundit … lol!

I’ve trusted the Gateway Pundit for news for awhile now.  No longer.  I had no idea Jim Hoft is “married” to a man many years his junior.  Hoft apparently refers to the young man as his “husband.”  This lunacy disqualifies him from being any sort of a trusted source for me.

This video clip features a short interview with a podcaster who goes by the name of Baked Alaska.  I’d run across that name in my work over the years.  I’d never taken time to find out anything about him.  This interview makes me very interested in his views.

It’s not just that Baked Alaska is a Christian that interests me.  I’ll accept truth from anybody.  Truth is truth.  It isn’t personal.

Truth has become a difficult concept because all of us have been persuaded by the propaganda and brainwashing.  All of us second guess ourselves before we even think anything “controversial.”  And absolutely nothing is more controversial than thinking a critical thought about jews or homosexuals. 

Bashing Christians?  That’s fine.  The more hateful a person is toward simple Christian ideas like marriage and liberty the better.

The only thing worse than a Christian is a white male Christian.

Nuff said.


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