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Happy to Gab

On Monday, January 24, Paulie and I will visit the street address for Gab Incorporated.  It is in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.  We don’t have an appointment.  There is no phone number.  I’ve reached out to the company in a couple different ways.  Haven’t received a response back.  That makes me happyish.

Gab is headed up by a young man.  Andrew Torba is building a marriage, family and business.  He has two young children.  I don’t know whether he lives in Clarks Summit.  Given the forces he is battling I sort of hope he doesn’t.  I hope he’s hiding out in some hidden valley nestled among high mountains.  At the same time I’d love it if I don’t find an empty storefront at the address in Clarks Summit.  The Big Tech/social media version of the world isn’t working for anybody anymore.  We must get back to living in the real world.  That’s why I hope there is at least a receptionist, or somebody real at the address we are going to visit.  What a time to be alive.

Torba blew out of silicon valley in 2016 realizing that Big Tech had gone off the deep end in multiple ways.  He started Gab.com, a social network.  Over the next four years he built the business using his own hardware and software.  He didn’t lease space in some Big Tech server farm.  He bought and built his own servers.  He was cancelled by everything over the next four years.  Watch the short video above to learn why.

The future is being built now from the electrons up.  Google’s “free” system of the world is collapsing around their ears.  That’s what the censorship is about.  It is a desperate attempt on the part of these oligarchs to hold on to the insane world they’ve created.  They are starting to fail spectacularly.

England just took a step back from the covid cult liturgy yesterday.  Lawfare is being replaced by the pursuit of justice in courtrooms and school board chambers all over the world.

And that’s why I’m so happy to Gab!

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