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Honoring All the Veterans

America’s Coach, Dave Daubenmire, helped his online daily huddle yesterday morning honor veterans.

He played the clip of Kyle Rittenhouse weeping at his trial. Coach’s commentary on what the once but no longer great USA is doing to that boy speaks for me. I hope you’ll take some time to watch at least the beginning of the show.

I was ashamed of myself when I saw videos of the seventeen year old boy defending himself on the violent streets of Kenosha Wisconsin a year ago. I thought, “Where are the men?”

You remember what was happening in America at the time. Violent mobs were tearing down our statues and burning our cities. Our elites were justifying all the evil by debating racism and white supremacy. Neither are problems in America.

Oh sure, there are injustices that linger from the days of slavery. But no civilization on planet earth has made more progress against slavery in the past century and a half than the English speaking world and Europe. You do know, don’t you, that slavery is still practiced in large chunks of the world?

I’ve never hated a black, Asian or other person in my life. I love people. Even my enemies. I’ve actually been happy for blacks, and anyone really, who did well in our old meritocracy. Now I guess these folks for whom I was happy plan on using the government to force me to do what I was already doing.

In Biden’s new world order I’m evil because I’m white, male and Christian. I’m deplorable, to quote his mentor Hellary Clinton. Who is the racist here? Me for appreciating people based on their honorable living, or these politicians and academics who want to divide everything and everybody based on race, gender and sex?

All the hate is becoming tiresome.

It’s hard not to loathe our institutions.

We must take them back and restore our constitutional republic.

Michael Heath

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