Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.

I am Science

Tony Fauci has quite literally taken my breath away since I first heard of him two years ago.  He’s making the rounds in his commie mainstream media defending himself.  This is a great sign for the good guys.  He wouldn’t be doing this unless the algo claxons were screaming RED ALERT.

The incoming truth missles from the burgeoning fleet of independent internet based platforms hostile to the global commie agenda are starting to blast big chunks out of the cabal’s hull.  But the demonic cabal has shifted enough wealth and power from the rest of us in the past two years to make it nearly impossible to bring down their death star.  It is going to require a spiritually guided Luke Skywalker to fire his torpedo in the perfect way at the perfect time. 

Acting in harmony and unity people of good will all over the world are now approaching the point where we may be able to fire that torpedo.  God knows the right moment.  I can feel it arriving.  But it could still be years, and much suffering, away.  Maybe decades, though I doubt we can survive decades of this psychological manipulation.

In Star Wars the transcendent mysterious power is called “The Force.”

Christianity surrendered all use of force to the governments of the West many centuries ago.

It is long past time for Christianity to man up.

The Force of the universe is on our side.  Tony Fauci, and his storm troopers, are on their own demonic side.

And they’ve captured the governments of the West.

Before they captured the governments they finished off the Church by making it nicer than Jesus.

The Church may be down.  But it isn’t out.

The gates of hell …


Michael Heath

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