Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.

I Pray He Doesn’t Burn in Hell for Eternity

This guy Richard Rowe is a sad case. He’s dead now. But before he died he made known his hatred for common sense Americans who refuse to buy into the covid cult’s anti-science and anti-God narrative.

He didn’t take just one jab from the lying anti-science pharmaceutical giant, Phizer. He took two jabs. Seven weeks after jab two the Leftist nut job was dead.

Guys like this make me hope that there is indeed a purgatory, if you know what I mean. Eternity is a very long time indeed.

I have absolutely no idea why so many people remain brain dead on the jabbing and masking issue. All I can think is that they don’t care to inform themselves. It has never been easier to discover the truth. The internet is full of facts just waiting to be discovered. People must not even be curious a little bit.

They just mask and jab up and live their lives in fear of their government, doing whatever illogical next nonsensical thing the “expert” tells them to do.

Don’t get me wrong. I suspect there is something weaponized behind all this nonsense. Something nearly killed me earlier this year. I don’t think it was a simple flu. I do KNOW that I am now as protected as I can possibly be because I’ve earned the antibodies. I ain’t becoming part of no global experimental gene therapy program.

Are you seriously entertaining the idea of getting jabbed every six months, allowing mandated 24/7 tracking and smart phone based authorizations for movement and purchases? Really. You are volunteering for Klaus Schwaub’s transhumanist future.

I’ll never do it.

No way.

On God’s green earth am I going to change my moral climate to the point where I will accept such evil.

No way.

Michael Heath

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