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I Repent of my Willful Ignorance

Repentance is a fundamental idea in Christianity.  The soul cannot move forward in sanctification without taking responsibility for wrongs committed in this life.

Politicians and leaders in the West are trained by public relations experts to never apologize.  They urge clarification.  Lawyers also live this way.  This is why our culture is devolving instead of evolving.  The West has woven a legal fabric of willful deceit, and the shirking of responsibility.

None of this matters to God.  He is a Father who loves us enough to hold us accountable.  Every one of us will “enjoy” our own personal judgment day with our loving heavenly Father.  Best to do your best to keep a clean slate, I’d say.

I must repent of not prioritizing the Maine Constitution, especially county and municipal government, while acting as a public servant leading the venerable Christian Civic League of Maine.  To better understand why I feel culpable watch the sixteen minute video above.

The League had a proud tradition, going back to her founding in 1897, of supporting the elected sheriffs of Maine’s sixteen counties.  I never didn’t support them.  I just ignored the issue, and steered the League to address “social issues.” Without knowing it I was serving as a useful idiot to the deep state.  I played my role in my suit and tie.

I should have prioritized educating about — and ferociously supporting — the Maine Constitution, county sheriffs and municipal government.  Not with money.  That’s what has contributed more than anything else to our existential crisis. 

It was always evil for the government to forcefully extract taxes from the people.  Those monies flow to Augusta and Washington, and then back down after the politicians have manipulated the process to feather their own nests, and enhance their own agendas and power.  As the money flows back down to the local level huge salaries are extracted to pay bureaucrats at every level.

The non profit cabal of entities like the League extract more money from people of good will through fund raising to pretend they are saving the republic, protecting the family and ending abortion. 

National Right to Life has cancelled their usually massive January 22nd March for Life.  They’ve replaced it with a ticketed event that requires proof that attendees have received an abortion tainted injection.  The level of insanity perpetrated by the covid cult is soul numbing.  It is a great deception sent from heaven itself.

The once Christian Civic League has fallen so deep into deceit that they publicly endorsed one of the most infamous baby killing and sodomy promoting politicians in the world during the last election cycle.  The only reason Carrol Conley supported Susan Collins is because she has an R, for Republican, behind her name.  This level of partisan wickedness has the founders of the League turning in their graves.

Wonder why tens of millions of your tax and charity dollars haven’t produced even one significant political or legal victory in our lifetime?

Now you know.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.