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“I’ll Never Take the Jab”

Leigh Dundas Discussing the Fourth Reich. Click on the Image for 18 Minute Video

Gubernatorial candidate Michael Heath pledged today that he will never take the experimental gene therapy jab that most are calling a vaccine. “I don’t care if it means I’ll never fly again.” he said.

The populist leader continued, “There will never be a requirement for one of these ‘passports’ — or whatever you call them — when I’m governor.” Heath pledged not to wear the face diaper in March of 2020 when the global communists ratcheted up their war against Trumpian populism.

Attorney Leigh Dundas stopped what she calls the attack of the Fourth Reich in Orange County, California.

“I’m going to join Leigh Dundas in doing whatever it takes to stop this evil from continuing in Maine.” Promised Heath.

No More Fake Newseum in DC

Rick Sanchez Commenting on the Fake Newseum. Click on Image for RT Story.

Last week three journalists for Big Media in Maine failed to do journalism. Nobody is surprised. Few people expect the lamestream media to do their jobs anymore. CNN’s numbers are the lowest in history. If it weren’t for the manipulation by algorithm on Fakebook nobody would be wearing masks, or signing up for the experimental gene therapy that they are calling a vaccine. Nobody cares what the Bangor Daily News thinks or publishes.

The three Big Media journalists wrote that there are no candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor in Maine. They pretended that the only contender is currently unregistered with the Ethics Commission. Mike Heath has been publicly registered for two months.

“It’s no wonder their museum in DC is closed.” said Heath. “I see that there’s a ‘First Amendment’ museum next to Jezebel Janet’s Blaine House here in Augusta. I’ll bet that one isn’t doing any better than the one in DC.”

Big Media in Maine willfully failed to present the Maine public with a fair account of Heath’s populist leadership for the past thirty years. Heath commented, “Why would I expect them to change now?”

Western institutions are evangelists for Leftist ideas regarding God, family and country. They’ve been that way for decades. The people are waking up to this truth. That’s why Donald Trump is still the most popular Republican in the world, much to the chagrin of the family hating Liz Cheney.

Big “Conservative” Money is Scared to Death

“Every leader worth his salt in Maine that I’m talking with is either preparing for literal war with their government, or scared to death of being identified with the truth.” reported gubernatorial candidate Michael Stuart Heath on Tuesday, April 27th. “Being listed as a donor to a faithful man who has told the truth for thirty years — especially about religion and politics — should be the easiest thing in the world in a free country.”

Heath knew fund raising would be nearly impossible when he registered his campaign with the Ethics Commission. For decades Maine’s media and government have worked overtime to shame and embarrass people who publicly defend God and family life. It is widely known that businesses are destroyed, and contracts voided, simply because the person with institutional power is acting based on loyalty to the Leftist political and cultural agenda rather than what is at issue in the business transaction or contract.

“If this cowardice continues my campaign will obviously go nowhere.” observed the candidate. “What’s worse is we’ve reached the point where hiding isn’t going to work for anyone much longer.”

The first reporting deadline is July 15th. Donate to the campaign by visiting heathforgovernor.com

Michael Heath

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