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When I become Governor this woman will be at the top of my list to advise me, and to visit Maine to help our great citizens understand what is being done to them and their home.

I discovered her in my online research a few years ago.  She publishes a website that is helpful in gaining an understanding of what is being done to U.S.

Global communists were forced to accelerate their offensive against humanity because their algorithms informed them of the fact that they were starting to lose the war.  Truth is rising from it’s beaten down position on the street.  It is rising through networking on the internet.  The demons realized they will lose the war if they don’t use their most powerful control mechanism — the media — while they can.  Old people always control the most wealth, and power through the love and respect they are granted by nature from their progeny.

As the global oligarchs woke up to the fact they were starting to lose in a big way they decided to go all in with controlling our wise and experienced elders using the media.

The best thing we interneters can do is help our elders use the internet instead of the television.

Introducing them to Catherine Austin Fitts, and her work through Solari, might be a good start with your own dads, moms and grandparents.

Help them find truth.

Help them save Maine.

Help them save humanity.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.