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The Covid Cult

The weaponized virus is front and center in the mind of Maine people.  The ubiquitous muzzle is evidence of this fact.  Science tells us that the mask is completely ineffective at stopping the flu virus molecule from escaping the body.  The molecule passes right through the masks, and dirty rags, that healthy people are forced to wear by their authoritarian governments.  There is absolutely nothing social about distancing.  Just the use of the never-heard-before phrase “social distancing” is evidence enough that this hoax is communism 2.0.  The Heath for Governor Campaign makes the following commitments related to the Covid Cult.


  • No “Vaccine” passport.  It isn’t a vaccine anyway.  This is a global experimental gene therapy exercise.  The CDC and the Nuremburg Code say it is immoral to force it on individuals.  Bill Gates wants annual stabs to be part of his new normal.
  • No statewide imposition of rules related to global artificial pandemics.  Local and county governments are adequate to the task, with support from state government.
  • Government hesitancy with any dictats coming down from above, especially when the demands are weaponized by fake news.  Governor Heath will follow all the science, not just the science that makes him more powerful.
  • An immediate end to lockdowns, and an unqualified commitment to never use these evil anti-human tactics against healthy people ever again.

Pro Life

Government has a duty before God to use force to protect innocent human life from conception until natural death.  Our campaign does not support any form of suicide.  Citizens must be encouraged not to have sexual relations with any person with whom they are not prepared to raise a child.  Fornication and adultery are immoral.  A good government will maintain laws against these evil family-destroying acts.

Religious Liberty

Our country was founded by refugees from religious persecution in England. We are a Christian nation by nature, providential Will, and by every precedent, and must always allow other religions to practice their beliefs as long as they do not call for violence or persecution of those of other faiths. The First Amendment clearly establishes freedom of religion, and the separation of the government from denominational influences, but it does not relieve the government from following righteous principles, or our citizens from the right to insist upon their maintenance.


There is no warrant or permission within the Constitution for the Federal government to be involved in any type of financial aid to anyone. Where genuine need exists, it is the responsibility of the people, the churches, and local governments to provide said aid. In keeping with the principle that the best government is that which is closest to the people, all welfare payments of any kind should gradually be transferred to local control, or eliminated altogether.


China is ruled by an unabashedly anti-Christian and anti-freedom government. Much of the reason our nation is a waning power is the treason of economic and corporate leaders who have, over the past three decades, gradually outsourced much of our manufacturing capacity to the lowest common labor-cost denominator, usually China. China is bent upon global Communism and has many allies in that effort within Western governments, including our own. We must be ever vigilant and opposed to this threat, and we must always be prepared to defend ourselves against the overt and covert actions of any nation designed to eliminate our freedoms and way of life. China is also a violent abuser of dissidents and of religious and ethnic minorities, and we should speak and act appropriately in any way possible to work for change in that regard without threatening our own peace and security.


Nothing is more critical to maintaining our national infrastructure and manufacturing potential than a secure and affordable electric supply and other energy resources. Our electric grid should be constantly maintained, modernized and guarded from both external and internal threats. We should never be reliant on foreign sources of energy. As we have been so richly blessed with our own resources there is no warrant for ever importing power from abroad, or for sending our military abroad for the purpose of supposedly protecting our energy supplies. We must also guard against environmental extremism which seeks to limit our energy resources citing bogus “science” surrounding so-called “climate change.” We must also work to insure that alternate sources of energy are not squelched by existing kingpins within the energy sector.

Election Integrity

Nothing is more critical to the maintenance of a free republic than free and fair elections by citizens of that republic. We must work to eliminate electronic voting and vote counting which has proven to be a tool in the kit of those who hate our Constitutional republican form of government and return to paper ballots and/or other forms of voting which have clearly provable and verifiable integrity and easy public review and confirmation. The federal government has no role in overseeing the election processes of the several states, and we must oppose any effort to remove the authority for overseeing federal elections from the various states. The harshest penalties, including those for treason, must be applied to any and all who knowingly and willingly falsify election results or who seek to expand voting privileges to non-citizens.

Gun Rights and Militia

The Second Amendment is the “liberty teeth” of the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. The clear intent of the founders was that each individual has the sacrosanct right to keep and possess firearms on an individual and collective basis. The Maine Constitution is even more stringent in support of that right. No level of government has any authority to restrict this right or to require any encumbrances upon this right. Each state also has the duty to maintain and call out the militia, which has always consisted of all the adult able-bodied men of that state under the control of the Governor.

Education and Schools

Parents are the ultimate arbiter of all things related to their own children, including their education. Only parents and local taxpayers should possess power when it comes to the best methods and means for educating their own children. Public education should truly be under the control of local authority, and not that of any state level organization or governmental entity. The federal government has, of course, even less warrant to be involved in local education and the federal Department of Education must be abolished. Alternate forms of education must always be respected and protected by governments at all levels, including homeschooling and private schooling. Parents must always be granted full control over curriculum and all aspects of local education.


Taxes on real property have been a preferred method for supporting limited state and county level governments in Maine since colonial times. However, import duties and other imposts were intended to be the major funding sources for the limited governments at/of these levels. As we have allowed governments to seize more and more unwarranted authority, their rapacious desire for more revenue has led to all types of abuses of the public trust. There is no Constitutional authorization for individual income taxes of any type or style, and these should be eliminated. Reducing the power and reach of government at all levels should be used to reduce taxation to a level commensurate with their Constitutional limits.


Governments have no place “creating jobs” and the free markets, unencumbered by governments, will automatically create jobs as they grow, freed from governmental encumbrances. Both the regulatory and taxation burdens upon Maine businesses have become unconscionable, and it is now the proper mandate of governments at all levels to get out of the way and to let free market principles thrive.

County Government and Sheriffs

In keeping with the principle that government which is closer to the people is the best government, the counties of Maine should gradually re-assume many of the functions which have been improperly given to the state. Likewise, the towns and cities should also reclaim some of the powers that have been granted to the counties. The local county sheriff is the Chief and Constitutional law enforcement and right protection officer within Maine’s counties and should never be a creature of the state or beholden to any authority other than the local voters. The sheriffs should never enforce edicts or mandates that are not Constitutional, and should always stand with the people in any such disputes regarding proper distribution of power.

Currency and Crypto

The Federal Reserve System is not “federal,” has never had any real “reserves,” and is a leech upon the body politic of this nation and should be abolished. The Constitution clearly makes only gold and silver coin the proper currency for the states. However, state currencies are not prohibited and might be a means for reducing the fraudulent debt-based currency structure currently encumbering the nation. Cryptocurrencies are a possible means for people to transact more freely and beyond the purview of government overseers whose real motivations are control of the nation’s wealth and the transactive capacity of the people, and crimes involving the use of any currency are already illegal and should be prosecuted similarly despite the method of payment. A Constitutional amendment specifically allowing cryptocurrencies should be sought, however, and under no circumstances should any currency of a global nature be tolerated or employed.


The borders of the United States and of Maine should be the only ones that concern the people and their government. No one should ever be allowed into the United States or the State of Maine without following proper immigration procedures, and those who are here illegally should be returned to their own nations until they can properly be granted immigration status. Under no circumstances should non-citizens be granted any right of citizenship or any grant of property or remuneration from any governments within our national borders.


The ultimate Sovereign is the one true God and Creator of the universe. Under him, the sovereignty of the individual is preeminent and should be respected. Citizens grant only limited powers to governments at all levels, and those governments should be contained, at all times, within the Constitutional limits assigned to them. The United States, as a sovereign collection of sovereign states, should remove itself from all international organizations, treaties, and business arrangements which have the affect of impinging upon her sovereignty. The State of Maine, as a sovereign entity in its own right, should always look to guard her Tenth Amendment rights to nullify any federal regulations or encroachments that may come before her. By no means should any element of “international law” or international codes or agreements apply to the people of the State of Maine, and the State of Maine should at all times be cognizant of its limited Constitutional powers viz a viz the Counties, towns/cities of Maine, and the people of Maine.

Our campaign is concerned about the right of Maine’s citizens to attend their church. If WalMart can be open the local Church can be open.

A writer once said, “As goes the family, so goes the faith; as goes the faith, so goes the culture.” Common sense teaches us that a family is mom, dad and the kids.  Marriage matters.

We have individual RIGHTS: The right to bear arms, gather, and more. LET’S GET TO WORK revitalizing the tourism industry, and ending this authoritarian dictatorship!