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Define “Misinformation”

You can click on Ronda Snyder’s image above to read her helpful bit of journalism on which I want to comment in this blog post.

She tackles the question of defining “misinformation” for the purposes of governing the license of doctors and medical professionals.  She does some good digging looking at who is involved with forcing the globalist covid cult liturgy in Maine.  She names names.  Always a good thing in the days in which we live.

She prominently features the recent experience of Dr. Paul Gosselin of Waterville, Maine.  His licensing board just revoked his license.  He is accused of spreading “misinformation.”  Since I am Maine’s most vocal opponent of the covid cult religion I am naturally interested in this development.

While driving the car the other day my wife read a commie news report about Gosselin to me.  It was probably in one of Maine’s Pravda newspapers — the Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal or Bangor Deadly News.  I don’t remember.

I do remember that the longest bit of “journalism” was the rehearsal of all of Dr. Gosselin’s public “sins.”  I was drawn to the man by this obvious propagandizing.  Dr. Gosselin has obviously been singled out by the minions of Jezebel Janet Kills, Maine’s authoritarian dictator who calls herself Governor. 

She plans on using her well funded public relations machine to make an example out of him.  He’s low hanging fruit because his methods, and his colorful background, don’t fit nicely into our media-fabricated image of what a “good doctor” looks like.  Dr. Gosselin refuses to wear the white lab coat.

I’ve got extensive experience with this Marxist tactic.  Maine’s covid cult media will make it seem like Gosselin is the only man in Maine who doesn’t go along with their narrative.  They will continue to ignore the professionals of good will who are sincerely working to get to the bottom of the true science about all things covid.  According to these communist overlords there are only two sides to covid — the jabbed and the unjabbed.

This is obviously politics and make believe.

War does, however, reduce everything down to two sides.  This war is not one nation against another.  This war is good vs. evil.  The battlespace of World War III is the internet.

The good guys don’t wear lab coats there.

The good gals do journalism on blogs with names like Maine Journal News.

And you need to donate to Dr. Paul Gosselin at moralhealthfund.com



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