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LePage:  A Legend in His Own Mind

It finally happened last night. 

I met Paul Turn Le(the)Page personally.

I was at Jeff Hanley’s campaign kickoff event in Gardiner with my wife, Paulie.  A volunteer couple attended with us.  They gathered some signatures for my nomination petition.

The regal monarch himself marched in late.  He was attended by his handlers and proceeded to eat chicken.  My first impression was how short he is.  I’ve never paid close attention to the man in the media, and I’d never before been in the same room with him.

It occurred to me, while he was standing eating his fried chicken, that I should ask him to sign my petition.  So I grabbed one and headed for him.  He was basking in the warm glow of conversation with a couple adoring senators.  They cleared away for some reason and it was man to man in an instant. 

We joined hands and I allowed that I was glad to finally meet him and presented the petition and asked him to sign it.  He gagged on his chicken and said, “No.”  I said, “Why?”  And he stated the obvious.  “You’re running against me.”  I said, “So what?”  He went mute and was obviously embarrassed by suffering the indignity of this first encounter with an enemy while his mouth was full of chicken.

I walked away and thought, “Game on.” 

I would have signed his petition had he asked me to do so. I’m not afraid of debate.

Ellie Espling, one of the top people in the party and a pastor’s wife, arrived.  LePage warmly embraced her.  Joshua Tardy, Demi Kousianakis and Ellie Espling voted to waive rule eleven last year in the early summer.  I just did a search on duck duck go.  Can’t find anything about rule eleven.  I’ve been told their vote opened the door to money and electioneering support — including endorsement — to a single candidate before the primary election.

LePage was endorsed “unanimously” in September.  Fully a quarter of those present at the state committee meeting did not raise their hand in support of the motion to endorse.

Not many minutes passed between the LePage/Espling hug and an approach from the monarch himself.  My small group of Christian underlings in the room that was alive with political money grubbers was pleased to receive him.  The majority in the hall were discomfited by our little huddle.

LePage greeted the six of us and proceeded to explain that rule eleven is not what I think.  He told us that the waiving of it last year secured seventeen million dollars from the National Party — that’s all.  And the millions is in a savings account just waiting to be spent by me when I defeat him in June.  He told me none of it is being spent in the primary, and that it may be doubled after the primary. 

That’s a thirty four million dollar payoff for the media and chattering class handlers.  I’m going to assume that the other half of the national bribe will be given only if LePage wins the primary.  And I’m having a hard time swallowing his contention that none of the first installment on the bribe is being spent now to prop up his primary coronation.  I wonder how much of that seventeen million has found it’s way into Christian Civic League of Maine coffers.

The polite conversation then turned to the Jab.  I am so awed by the future First Lady of Maine, my wife.  She engaged the former governor in a spirited exchange about the poison, which he admitted to taking all the way through the current round of boosters. 

While he insists that his personal trust in Fauci’s noxious depopulation concoction is protecting him from death he quadrupled down against any mandates. He even promised to compensate anyone who was forced out of their job with all of their back pay.  Oh yea, in true kingly fashion he proclaimed that he will do that after he gives them their job back.

Click on the image above to listen to a twelve minute interview he did with George Hale and Rick Tyler earlier this week.

He said the jab doesn’t stop the spread of covid, and it doesn’t stop anyone from getting covid.  All it does, he said, is keep him from dying because his immune system is compromised by a couple metal implants.

The enforcement arm of the LePage retinue was attempting to save him from this honest exchange of ideas by pretending he needed to rush on to his next important appearance.  The young man who was embarrassingly tugging on his shoulder is apparently a Maine Senator.  Nice.

The last word to LePage from my six member team of dedicated Christians was from a pastor.  He looked into the king’s eyes and told him that Jesus Christ loves him.  That God cares about him.  LePage affirmed the declaration … and the waters parted as he left.

I so hope God grants me the honor of debating this man on the way to the June election. 

During our conversation with him he explained that he is a competitive man.  That’s why he won’t sign my petition.  He demurred in my direction hinting that he means no disrespect.  I didn’t get an opportunity to offer my rejoinder which is, “I’m a competitive man also.” 

The petition merely places my name on the ballot.  It is not an endorsement of my candidacy.  The endorsement of the party is supposed to come in a free and fair election, which this campaign has been anything but for the past year — because of him. 

Sadly, he is abusing his power as former governor of the great state of Maine.



Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.