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Republicans Circle Wagons Against God, Family and Truth

LePage is King of the Dollar

Eight years wasn’t enough. The plain talking Lewiston native who raised himself from living on the streets to serving two terms as Governor wants more time in power. His supporters at the national level were so spooked by the Heath for Governor Campaign’s effort to stop the lockdown, and confront the Covid ID passport, that they got the deep state within the Republican Party to coronate LePage over a year before the June 2022 primary election. Paul LePage still hasn’t said definitively that he is running.

“I started hearing about something called ‘Rule 11’ over a week ago.” explained gubernatorial candidate Michael Heath. “I told Demi personally, the Chair of the Party here in Maine, in January that I was running for the party’s nomination for Governor. She told me the Party would not attempt to influence the Primary. Nobody from the Party has contacted me about whatever it is they are doing. I’ve had to hear about it second and third hand from people in leadership of the Party.”

Demi’s executive committee apparently had something to do with the national party’s maneuver. Two other state Republican leadership names that have been mentioned to Heath as having been involved in the matter are Ellie Espling and Joshua Tardy.

Heath knows Republican operatives Espling and Tardy. “I know Tardy the best.” said Heath. “I got to know his father professionally when I was lobbying for the Christian Civic League of Maine. I was fighting him because he was the lead lobbyist for casino interests. Both of them have been directly involved in capturing and manipulating the social conservative movement in the Party.”

Everybody knows that the Republicans have no power in Maine because their base is walking away. People of good will have focused their political efforts within the Republican Party in recent decades. While they’ve managed to make gains in defining the Party’s principles in the always pathetically ignored Platform they have made little to no gains in either legislation or candidate victories.

This maneuver will further weaken the Republican Party in Maine. It may destroy it. The historic political Party is on life support now, as is the Christian Church in the pine tree state. Both institutions are complicit with the unhinged God hating Left in forcing the wicked Covid agenda that will end in a brutal collectivist rule if it isn’t stopped.

A well placed leader in the Party who wishes to remain anonymous told the Campaign that the leadership of the Party fears an open debate on vaccine passports and the experimental gene therapy jab. LePage, a proud mask wearer, won’t make anything Covid an issue.

The last significant Christian political and cultural victory in Maine was gained by a populist democratic maneuver led by the Christian Civic League of Maine under Heath’s leadership. The century old group reasoned that lobbying wouldn’t stop the LGBTQ juggernaut. In the early 1990s the institution’s board of directors decided to use the referendum to stop them. This political strategy managed to slow the “gay” advance, and draw the attention and resources of the Left to Maine on that issue.

The satanic Left started using the state as a petri dish for testing their political tactics and logistics that were then rolled out internationally.

Heath observed, “They think they’ve killed God in Maine, but they haven’t. People of good will — and that includes Christians — are our only hope as the atheist West continues to collapse.”

Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.