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Medical Freedom

My treasurer texted this image to me yesterday. The event is taking place tomorrow.

I’m going to offer a bit of a critique in this column.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that Veterans will be honored tomorrow, on Veterans Day. They deserve it. I know very little about the event. I do recognize some of the names.

When I read the list of topics and speakers I instantly felt nauseous. It’s just another conference that will leave everyone inspired, to quote Dr. David Martin from the video I posted earlier this morning. Little to no unity of purpose will emerge from this parade of Maine right leaning celebrities.

I want to comment on a couple of the names and topics.

Larry Lockman is going to speak about “Activist Training” and “Combating K-12 Indoctrination.” One topic you won’t hear pass Larry’s lips is sodomy. He apologized for his crusading on that issue a few years ago. He was Maine’s most ferocious campaigner against it in the nineties. His rise to power in the so-called conservative movement required that he publicly apologize.

He’s still a good man, and folks will learn lots of good stuff when he speaks. But you’ll have to forgive me for seeing him in a less than heroic light for how he has decided to gain and manage political power.

Dr. Christiane Northrup is going to educate everyone about “Medical Freedom.” What is that? Reminds me of the phrase “sexual orientation.” It can mean anything the speaker wants it to mean at any given time. I suspect she’s going to help the Veterans understand that they should be free not to get jabbed.

But just what is Dr. Northrup prepared to DO to assure that constitutional freedom. Is she, for example, prepared to stand on the same stage with someone who ferociously advocates for marriage and sexual purity? Oh, I don’t know. Someone like me maybe.

I suspect not.

While I don’t have any concrete evidence that she has kept me off the “medical freedom” stage in Maine I have a growing mass of evidence this is the case.

I checked out her website.

Wow. Pretty.

She sure is a hot doctor.

I looked at her writings on sex and pregnancy. I got bored. A quick search on anything controversial didn’t turn up much. She appears to be hiding her views on sodomy based legal rights and baby murder.

I guess that’s one thing Larry and Christine have in common. Their passion for relevance has them trapped in political posturing.

Abortion is murder. Sodomy is evil.

Pretty simple really.

Michael Heath

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