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Nobody is Doing Anything … Meaningful

I listened to this podcast this morning.  Click on the image and scroll to the bottom of the article.

Dr. Meryl Naas is a person Maine should obviously be proud to have as a citizen.  But we are not proud of her.

Instead, we continue to trust our institutional leaders too much.  None of them are doing anything real to fix the mess.  The virtue signaling muzzled chattering class is too kind a designation for this crop of institutional leadership.  They are wasting our time and money.  They must be called to repentance, or be fired.  Today.  Every last pastor, politician, media personality, policeman, fireman, doctor, nurse … you get the idea.

We must stop allowing everyone to get away with being a wage slave.  Stop it!  Stop serving the master who is destroying your life and dismantling your family.  Stop it NOW!  You are not a slave.  You are a person who has God-given constitutional liberties and RESPONSIBILITIES.

I have some questions for Maine.

  • Why is Mills still Governor?  She deserves so much more than impeachment.
  • Why has the 2020 election not been thoroughly audited by the Legislature, and rules/statutes changed to restore the electorate’s trust?
  • Why aren’t all counting machines in polling places banned forever?
  • Why is the former Governor of Maine being coronated as King by the National Republican and Maine State Parties?
  • Why can’t the guy who towed my car yesterday find a man to hire.  He’s given 24 men a start date since July of last year.  None showed for work?
  • Why did romaine lettuce double in price last week?
  • Why are electricity rates climbing by 60 percent all at once?
  • Why do our mountaintops feature immense spinning bird killing metal monsters called windmills?
  • Why are our pastoral fields and pastures turning into parking lots for solar panels?
  • Why are our school boards hiding from parents?
  • Why is Jezebel Janet Kills installing kitty litter boxes in the schools?
  • Why are bathrooms in public places becoming “genderless?”  Are there not only two God-given genders — male and female?
  • Why was Lewiston invaded by Muslims from Somalia?
  • Why is Portland proud of hosting the languages of so many people from around the world?  Are they attempting to one up Babel?  Good luck with that.
  • Why are real estate values so high all of a sudden?
  • Why are pastors and priests so happy with their lot of being totally irrelevant?
  • Why are all the churches disappearing from our landscape?
  • Why does Christian leadership do nothing to stop baby murder, the flood of pornography into the minds of our children, and the legalization of sodomy?

I could go on forever, of course.

And I don’t, for a second, think I can answer these questions — or fix the problems they reveal — as Governor.  All I can … AND SHOULD … do is what the Maine Constitution empowers me to do.  I’m assembling a team of trusted counselors who are advising me on constitutional issues. They haven’t just studied the supreme law of the land.  They have lived it, and paid the price for so living, over decades.

Words alone don’t matter to me anymore.

I’m looking for a few good men (and women) who walk their talk.

Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.