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Our Morally Beheaded World

Click on the headline to read the full news story about the beheading in Egypt.

Are you ready for beheadings to start in Maine. I’m getting ready.

The most chilling line in the news story, “Though the incident took place in daylight on a busy street, no one interfered.” Would you? Would I?

We must ask ourselves that question. If we were honest nearly all of us would allow that our first instinct would be to film it with our smart phone as evidence. I doubt many of us would instinctively run to the action and stop the guy.

How did satan do this to us?

This attitude toward witnessing violence in real life is global. It isn’t just real in the nation that forced all the gruesome violence onto movie and television screens over the past hundred years. Everybody in the world expects the government to make them safe. Nobody in the world is prepared to defend themselves or the innocence around them.


Why would we. It’s legal to kill babies. You better have great sex and kill your baby. That’s the way the world rolls now. Sex is the only moral action on the planet. How do I know? Because sex and Israel are the only two topics nobody can talk about. Ironic that the most potent support for sexual promiscuity comes from powerful Jews. But nobody can talk, or even think, about that.

Especially in the land of the First Amendment. While it was written to secure the right of all the people in America to speak and write about religion without FEDERAL government interference now it means everyone in the world can watch porn without worrying about being caught.

The news story says the beheader was “institutionalized for drug addiction” I wonder how much porn he consumed over his lifetime. Why isn’t there a category in our headspace “institutionalized for porn addiction?”

Anyway, bottom line is that this is coming to Maine because we won’t proudly display the Ten Commandments in the Hall of Flags of the Maine State House. We stopped defending our religion — Christianity — decades ago.

Now all we can defend is virtual sex.

While we ogle a beheading video in the real world.

Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.