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Political Wasteland

I attended the Republican State Committee meeting yesterday with my wife.  We spent two hours there. 

It was surreal.

While only one person wore a mask there were very few attendees under fifty — or maybe sixty — years of age.  The State Chairwoman, Demi, ran a tight meeting.  Plaudits for keeping things moving.

It’s the things that moved that made the meeting surreal.  Global oligarchs are bringing our economy and constitutional republican form of government down around our ears and the best idea I heard at the meeting was adopting tremendously time consuming tactics of electioneering.  The sort of tactics that guarantee big salaries for the telemarketing geniuses, and motivational experts.

Maine Republicans are losing everything.  They just lost another special election.  Demi blamed the losses on cheating by the democrats, and passionately urged that republicans adopt the same tactics.

She bragged about having gobs of money to spend in 2022, and allowed that they’ve been raising lots of money under her administration.  She indicated that the party isn’t receiving small donations.  I suspect nearly all the money they are raising and spending is coming from the national level.

What I witnessed in that room was a total, absolute disconnect from what is happening in the world.  The governments of the world, including Maine’s authoritarian government, have decided to murder their citizens.  And Maine’s major “conservative” political party spent their precious time quibbling over bylaws, and learning how to spend the hard earned stolen wages (taxes) of hard working Mainers on their elections this year.

I hate the so-called clean election program.  More money for the chattering class that accomplishes absolutely nothing worthwhile.

Paulie and I are now being drawn into their endlessly nauseating committeeing as an effective means to confront the tyranny of the elites.

I can’t imagine I’m going to go down that road.  It appears to be something only a corrupt deal maker like Paul Turn Le(the)Page is fitted for.

Maine will be saved by severely downsizing government at all levels; state, county and municipal.  Neighborhoods and towns must pull together, and stop allowing state and national government to run their lives for them.

It is long … LONG … past time to take responsibility for ourselves and our communities.  The fake debt based monetary system is about to be crashed. 

The opportunity to get back to being human again is fast approaching.

Kurzweil’s transhumanist singularity will never happen.

Father God, the Judge of the universe, won’t allow it.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.