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You Know Him. You Trust Him.

Ray Richardson Will Be Shot with the Rest of Us

I’ve been a muted member of the chattering class for a little more than a decade.  Before that I was a card carrying member. 

I remember when Ray Richardson became a thing.  He has risen to become the most popular conservative radio talk show host in southern Maine.  He’s been at it for seventeen years.  He invited me on his show this week.  I never listen to talk radio, or pay attention to any mainstream media.  That’s been a practice of mine for over three decades.

As an experienced member of Maine’s chattering class I know how it all works.  It’s all very chummy on the surface.  The power gets shifted around behind the scenes through deal making.  You gain, or hold on to, power by being “friends” with the right people.  Ray is a right person for anyone wanting to maintain a career in conservative politics.

He reminds me of Fox News.  They’ve made a name for themselves by trumpeting the tag line “Fair and Balanced”  I got the sense in our short fifteen minutes together on air that Ray believes that is true of him.  He fancies himself as a neutral sort of guy who is fair and who holds opinions that are based on his balanced world view. 

If this were true he’d have me on for a real debate about what the Maine State Republican Party did last year.  Instead he won’t have me on again. 

He’ll double down on defending the leadership of the Republican Party while allowing that he supports my right to get on the Republican ballot.

He started his crusade to defend the Party during our short time together on air.  And his defense wasn’t based on arguments.  It was based on his personal affection for Paul LePage and the current party leadership.  It’s a very tight little club.  And you and I ain’t in it.

After our time together I learned that Ray is pro jab.  Additionally, his opening monologue the day I was on confused me.  He was talking about January 6th since that was the day I was on.  But he wasn’t clearly and unequivocally taking the side of the men and women like Paulie and me who were there.  His focus was on what happened at the Capitol.  That is the focus of the Left that creates the false narrative that is keeping over five hundred innocent Americans locked up as political prisoners.

Richardson knows the information in the video above about the global takeover.  He’s known about it for a long time.  Tens of thousands of humans all over the world are waking up everyday now because of men like Joe Rogan, Dr. Richard Malone, Dr. Michael Yeadon and Dr. Peter McCullough.  Ray cannot possibly be presenting the full scientific truth that Malone and company have been talking about since the covid cult launched their liturgy in March of 2020 … and remain pro jab.  My guess is he’s doing what LePage, Trump etc. are doing.  He’s trying to run right down the middle of the political road.

That road is obviously heading toward tyranny.  The entity that built, maintains and chooses it’s destination is Big Pharma — the biggest advertiser in media, probably especially FoxNews.  Ray knows who pays the bills that keep him on the air.  And so do all of us.  We put up with the half truths and politiking because we think we don’t have any other option.  Ray’s the only conservative in media, we tell ourselves.

The truth is that all the sources of news and information outside of the internet are controlled by the paycheck … just like you and I are.  The global collectivists/communists have used our paychecks to control us for our entire lifetimes.  Now they are taking even that away from the best of us, while they give men like Ray a little more time.

Ray’s fate is the same as all of us who have already lost our jobs.  He will be lined up against the wall and shot when the time is right.  That’s the final stage before starting down the path toward the Marxist utopia envisioned by these global forces.

I love you Ray.  It’s long past time for you to join me in refusing to play this political game.  The powers that be with whom you decide to maintain good relations are forcing the jab on our children and grandchildren.  It’s no longer good enough to be against mandatory jabbing.

The people are demanding the whole truth and nothing but the truth — especially from you.

The Republican Party must create a fair playing field for all Republicans who wish to earn their way onto the June ballot by gathering signatures.  There is literally no reason not to do this unless Republicans have decided to be complicit in the authoritarianism.



Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.