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Reject the Big Pharma Subscription Model for Living

Ireland has it worse than Maine.  I’ve gained an important perspective listening to this cancelled YouTuber over the past few years.  You’ll find many references to his work in this blog, and in my writing in general.

I keep clicking on Dave Cullen’s videos hoping to watch one reporting that Irish men have decided to fight.  Instead I continue to learn that they are as cowardly as American men.  They tell you to their face that they won’t take the jab, and that they love their freedom.  But the next time you hear something about them you find out they allowed the poison to be injected into their body so that they could keep their job.

We pretend we are being persecuted for not taking the jab.  Losing your job is nothing compared to the torture and death meted out on patriots and believers down through the centuries.  We are so weak — full of cowardice.  Is there even one man of honor and principle left on earth?

I wonder sometimes.

St. John Climactus observed many centuries ago, “Cowardice is a childish disposition in an old, vainglorious soul. Cowardice is a falling away from faith that comes of expecting the unexpected.”

I often hear the chattering class complain that the children are being brainwashed in the government run schools, and that when they grow up they will gladly live as communists or socialists.  They are wrong.  We’ve all been propagandized and brainwashed since World War II. We are the communists.  We are making our children into Godless genderless pedophilic technology dependent jabbed transhumans.  It rises to a level of evil seen in only one place on earth before. 

The city of Sodom was incinerated for similar violent and incomprehensible wickedness.

We are all cowards now.  And we have been our whole lives.  Our cowardice has been masked by the material benefits of empire.

Stop being afraid of the unexpected.

Stand your ground.  Especially if it costs you your retirement or paycheck.  You have no choice but to surrender your faith in these things now.  You waited far too long to defend even faith and confidence in your own perceptions and opinion.

Stop sodomizing your soul.

Fight — for God’s sake!



Michael Heath

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