Michael Stuart Heath

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The Conspiracy that Created the Covid Cult

I’ve been living in a profoundly wicked hypnotized state my whole life.  My generation was propagandized in government run schools, churches and families in the 1970s.  The theatre we know as politics, orchestrated by the media, sustained the lies.  My pride played a big role in keeping me asleep.  And I was a cheap date.

Many Americans remain hypnotized by fear of a mostly innocuous flu virus.  They are so scared of this benign cold that they have quickly passed through the “vaccine” stage.  They are getting “boosted” now.

And many are dying already.  How many more must die from the Jab before enough of us wake up to once again slow down the centuries old plan to eliminate the awareness of God?  I wish I knew.

Watch this lecture from a brave man — Dr. John Coleman.  My thanks to one of my new supporters for emailing it to me this morning.

My education continues …


Michael Heath

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