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Dr. Robert Malone the “Deep Insider”


Jeff Rense just produced an important podcast regarding Dr. Robert Malone.  Click here to listen to it.

Paulie and I are planning to be in Washington D.C. for the Defeat the Mandates Rally on January 23rd.  I found out about it when Dr. Robert Malone announced it on Joe Rogan’s podcast.  I am speaking in Kentucky toward the end of that previous week, after we visit Noah’s Ark.  On the way home that weekend I decided to drop into the world capitol of unhinged Godless tyranny, the once great global advocate of constitutional liberty — Washington D.C.  After that I’m going to wash my soul by stopping in Clarks Summit Pennsylvania to see if I can find the global headquarters of Andrew Torba’s Gab.com .

I don’t want to be seen supporting another deep state satanic controller like Anthony Fauci.  Rense and his guest in this podcast suggest that Malone is being groomed to replace the modern world’s Hitler, Tony Fauci.  They present compelling evidence.  The most persuasive is the suggestion that Malone has been selected by the media, and that this controlled-from-above institution is grooming him for the job.

There’s an old saying — Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Another name for this weakness in every human person is pride. Malone’s covid rhetoric may represent a career transition this super intellectual soul is navigating.  It could also be more evil than that.  I hope not.

It is abundantly clear that his posturing on the Jab is chock full of holes.  The facts are documented in the podcast.  Give it a listen.

Michael Heath

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