Michael Stuart Heath

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Third Independent Governorship in Our Lifetime

Maine voters chose two Independent men — unaffiliated with either the Democrat or Republican Party — to serve as the constitutional chief executive of the state in recent decades.  Independent Angus King served two terms as Governor at the beginning of my political career.  Independent Jim Longley served as Governor prior to that.

Having had the Republican door slammed in my face I am transitioning my gubernatorial campaign to unaffiliated with either party.  I will offer my ideas, experience and leadership skills to the people of Maine as an Independent candidate for Governor.  It is a better fit for my experience and political skill set.  I am first and foremost a Christian father, husband and man.  This life experience and perspective may be better suited to an Independent campaign than a partisan one.  The two major political parties have proved to the world that they are only interested in family values for the purpose of gaining and managing political power.  These institutions are not sincere in their efforts to stop baby murder … or strengthen marriage, American culture and the traditional family.

I spent the last year offering to fight for the Republican Platform, especially the family values planks.  The response of the “Pro Family” party is best illustrated by a recent whisper in the ear of one of my volunteers by a Party leader attacking my truthful polemic against sodomy.  The Maine Republican Party has surrendered all of it’s political power to Left wing ideology.  The practically non-existent Maine Republican Party (in terms of political power) is led by the pro abortion Leftist government and big corporation worshipping Susan Collins.

I don’t have personal wealth like Angus King.  I cannot buy my way onto the November ballot.  I will continue to get up every day and work hard doing what my experience, prayer and political instinct indicate.  My path to the November ballot is the signature on printed petitions of four thousand registered Maine voters.  I have until the end of the summer to obtain those signatures.

I am reaching out to my all volunteer team of supporters to do an assessment of what we have for resources to accomplish this task.  My small, and mostly inexperienced team, learned much about partisan politics and petitioning in the past year.  The wounds are deep.  God willing they will scab over and the Campaign will be able to continue in this Independent form.

We must keep our eyes on the goal here.  We either surrender to the radical political and medical authoritarianism that emerged in the past two years as a result of manipulated partisan gamesmanship, or we rededicate ourselves to representative government defined by a written constitution.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.