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Turning Point USA and the Groypers

If you click on this sentence you’ll see a webpage of videos about the Groyper wars.

I went to church yesterday in Orrington, Maine. Ken Graves was hosting Turning Point USA. Less than a hundred folks listened to Ken and the gym owner from New Jersey talk about the covid cult’s effect on their business and ministry.

Ken has defied Jezebel Janet Kills since the beginning of this war. It landed him in court. Gym owner had quite an interesting story to tell. Neither speaker has a story more dramatic than mine. Ken and I have been supportive of one another’s Christian work for decades.

I handed out cards for my campaign, and shook hands with a lot of folks. Many of the over fifty year old’s I met remembered me. The women were cool toward me. The men were more open minded to my campaign.

One woman seemed to want to argue with me about transgendering. She’d just finished reading a book called “Becoming Jane” or something. She told me it mentioned me. She expressed a strong affinity with the becoming person. I don’t think she wanted to openly hate me. But it was hard not to feel the disdain, frankly.

I had a very similar experience the previous day with another woman.

I loved the exchanges I had with these Christian women. They energized me. They also exhausted me emotionally.

Turning Point USA is Charlie Kirk’s Republican youth group. The group is publicly pro sodomy. They hide their posturing on all things sexual morality better than LePage did when governor. But he allowed himself to be schooled by the Kirk neo con revolutionaries.

You can gain a better understanding of what’s going on by clicking the link to videos above and doing your own research.

You are going to have to stop being knee jerk when the issue of Jews and Judaism come up. Ask yourself why merely thinking a negative thought about Israel and the Jews is so verboten.

Is thinking for yourself really anti-Semitism?

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