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We Shouldn’t Even Be Thinking About It

We shouldn’t have to think about it, or talk about it.  Yet, here I am sorely vexed for the umpteemillionth time over the conflation of all things evil at the expense of love, clarity and truth.

The trigger today, and they come multiple times a day now, is the “moral imperative” for an “ongoing conversation” on race and sodomy.  According to the latest headline grabbing, sermonizing Left-leaning institution that I pledged to someone that I wouldn’t name we must examine our “white privileged” conscience and consider groveling in repentance to our “Black” and “Brown” brothers.

Are you as sick of this as I am?

America is the least “racist” nation in human history.  American natives of all skin pigments fought a war long over A CENTURY AGO to end slavery here.  Nobody has ever, since then, seriously discussed bringing it back.

America existed as a meritocracy until World War II.  Since then we’ve collapsed through socialism into a hybrid creature with the skin of a constitutional republic and the guts of socialism/communism.  We’ve been jabbed with Godlessness.  We hate clarity, honest dealing and truth telling.  It’s all about the paycheck, avoiding controversy/conflict, and being nicer than Jesus.

I ain’t going to be any part of that anymore.

Sodomy is not simply a sexual act.  More importantly it is the name of an ancient city state in the Middle East.  God rained down fire from heaven and destroyed the city, and four others.  God didn’t just judge the act.  He destroyed everything.  You can visit the site today.  It is, literally, ashes.

God won’t have to rain down fire from heaven on Maine and America.  We are literally burning down our own cities now.

Talk about a strong delusion.

Michael Heath

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