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Why I Don’t Support Trump Right Now

2024 is a long way away. I hope I change my mind by then. I really do.

I started supporting the Donald in January of 2016. I felt like I was the only Christian I knew who didn’t support the Texas senator in the primary … can’t remember his name at the moment … oh yea, Lyin Ted.

I don’t support Trump right now. He’s pushing the poison jab, and provided horribly weak leadership following the steal of his election a year ago. I don’t think any meaningful changes have been made in election laws. And the never Trumpers are gaining power in the Republican Party. Trump is weaker than I’ve ever seen him since early 2016. He’s surrounding himself with wicked advisors. Too bad.

I told a podcaster the other day that I don’t need another savior. I already have one. His name is Jesus Christ. Trump is just a rich guy with a great sense of drama and humor. He made that work for him internationally better than domestically.

And the American people are shaking off their culture war stupor. They are quickly realizing that abortion and sodomy are not sacraments. The Pope and Franklin Graham don’t get it yet. But it appears the people may be waking up.

That’s the message from Virginia on Tuesday. Nature is asserting itself.

There are less trannies on the planet than sodomites. Trannies and weak minded “leaders” may be able to justify rape in the girls bathroom. Mom, dad and the grandparents aren’t having any part of it.

Trump and his well off Republican coalition had better wake up or they are going to find that the people have moved on from their amped up Americanist narrative.

Israel isn’t more important than Christianity in America — yet. The cultural consensus remains more Christian than Jewish. More and more voices are rising to question the influence of many Jews, and Talmudic Jewish ideology, than ever before in my lifetime.

It isn’t anti-Semitic to offer a thoughtful critique of Judaism and the influence of powerful Jews on culture and religion. It’s just being honest.

I know of only one highly regarded intellectual who has been thrown off Amazon, the world’s most powerful book publisher. Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific writer, lover of humanity and most demonized intellectual in the English speaking world. You can agree or disagree with him. In my government religious freedom does not mean the Anti Defamation League gets to erase ideas with which it disagrees. In the world I’m building Jones has as much right to publish his ideas as does the ADL.

Jews and Judaism can be mocked, ridiculed and critiqued as much as any other faith … like Christianity. That’s called freedom of speech. And it matters more than we seem to understand.

Trump decided not to work with the social network Gab because Torba, the CEO, lets E. Michael Jones post there. Youngkin is promising to put Virginia’s government on the side of Israel against free speech. This censorship has got to stop. Now.

If it doesn’t all of the current hand wringing by Christians about the rising violence of the political, religious and cultural narrative will be swept aside by nature’s roar. Dad is not going to stand by and do nothing as his daughter is raped by a boy in the school bathroom.

Change is coming one way or another.

Getting sex right will help us quicker than anything else to start down a better path into the future for our kids and grandkids.

And I’d say God knows this is an area where the Donald could stand to do a bit of growing up.

Michael Heath

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