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Why I Hate Petitioning

We’ve allowed our lives to become impossibly cluttered with nonsense.  One of the most nonsensical things we do is gather signatures for political causes.  If Google can instantly return results on a keyword search technology can instantly process a citizen’s decision to support a candidate or cause.  Why isn’t voting instant, private and secure?  It obviously has nothing to do with technology.  It has to do with the use to which powerful forces wish to put technology.

They want to use it to manipulate and control our thinking and actions.  That’s what the censorship is all about.  IT’S SO OBVIOUS.

The current rule bound, insanely bureaucratic, ridiculously encumbered political system is designed to benefit rich and powerful forces in our lives.  Volunteerism is completely dead and gone.  Truth be told successful petitioning is very expensive, and financially benefits a few people.  In recent years the entire process crossed from unethical to immoral with the deployment of the internet.

I’ll never carry, or work with, another paper petition.

It is the government’s responsibility to maintain an accurate list of registered voters.  It is the government’s duty to enable every single citizen to signal their intentions electronically, using the internet.  This duty DOES NOT REST with any candidate or issue advocacy group.  Every citizen has the right to pursue a redress of grievances by petition.  It doesn’t have to be a paper petition.  In fact, given the reality of the internet it must not be a paper petition.

Having said this I must hasten to add that I support paper ballots for voting until the public’s confidence in the vote counting system is restored.  This is a stop gap measure to eliminate the paper ballot counting machines from the process.  That technology MUST NOT be trusted at this point.  Ultimately the public’s confidence with respect to voting and political processes will rest in their electronic or digital connection to the government and businesses.  That confidential internet is beginning to appear.  It is being built from the ground up by creative and hard working coders and technologists all over the world.  They will succeed.

Big Tech is collapsing.

Government is in trouble.

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Michael Heath

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