Michael Stuart Heath

You Know Him. You Trust Him.

Why Social Media is Ruling the World

You won’t share anything from my campaign on your social media accounts.  You are either afraid it will hurt the business you’ve spent years creating, or that passing on my opinions will compromise the “friendships” you’ve spent years cultivating on the platform.

This reality is shaping your experience in life both on and off the screen.  It is also the single most important contributor to the collapse of Western Civilization.  According to Dr. Michael Yeadon — no slouch I assure you — that process will be completed by the global oligarchs this year.  In March they will collapse all the world’s fiat currencies and replace them with digital money.  Central Bank Digital Currencies will give the world’s dictatorial class a power that only satan himself could desire.

And you, my christian facebook “friend,” are complicit because you refuse to speak the truth.  You are more afraid of offending your sodomite “loved” one than you are concerned about the judgment day you are promised with the God of the universe Himself.  What are you going to say to Him when he asks you why you didn’t lift a finger to tell the truth about sex outside of marriage?

But it’s so much worse than that.  You are not only complicit in allowing the legal slaughter of babies in the womb to go on for your entire life.  You have actively spoken out in support of sodomy to the point now where your sons are having their private body parts surgically removed, and your daughters are happy to raise your grandchildren into gayness while they lecture you on the topic of being loving toward blacks and minorities.

Oh, you say, “I didn’t support sodomy.  I sent money to you to stop them.  And you failed.  I had more important things to think about.  And besides it’s wrong to discriminate.”

And you thought God was going to rapture you out of here before you had to ponder the reality of schools placing litter boxes in the hallways for your grandchildren to use because they are identifying as “furries” when they’re at school.  Your grandchildren will never be able to handwrite a comprehensive word, but they can go to the bathroom like a cat.

Good job, Dad.  Way to go Christian mom.

And you call me the devil because I’ve only become more ferocious against this insanity over the past four decades.  I believe and speak what Jesus Christ taught.

You don’t.

Go ahead and support Paul LePage.  I’m sure he and the Christian Civic League will fix this problem for you … finally.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.