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Writing My Name in for Governor of Maine

Back in February of this year I pledged to do an assessment of an Independent candidacy for Governor.  I haven’t written anything in this blog since that post.  I took longer to decide than I thought I would when I wrote the blog post.

It is impossible to mount an Independent campaign now.  Deadlines have passed.  All that is left is writing my name on the ballot.  I decided yesterday that I will probably write my name on my own ballot for governor, if I even choose to vote in November.

My good friend Jack McCarthy donated magnetic signs to me in January as I was making my decision about the Republican campaign I was leading at the time.  I dug them out yesterday and put them on my red 1995 Miata.  This signifies my decision to write my name in on my own ballot.

I’m not fund raising for this campaign.  I will have nothing to do with Maine’s so-called “Ethics Commission.”  I’ve never been — and never will be — a bookkeeper, accountant or attorney.  I needed professionals from all three disciplines to prudently wage the Republican campaign.  No professionals emerged over the year I allowed my name to appear on the Ethics Commission list.  That’s one of the reasons I pulled out.

I don’t blame people for deciding not to identify with a campaign willing to call out the tyrant Janet Mills.  Even gutsy LePage is forced by Maine’s cowardly politics to rebrand himself as a nicer and gentler “leader.”  There still aren’t enough Mainer’s awake to the dangers posed by the Left to enable broad public support for a candid Christian political leader like myself.

That’s OK.  I get it.  It’s tough to impossible for most people to decide between a “vaccine” and their paycheck.  I was forced to make that decision in 2009.  Not over a poison death delivering jab.  I was forced to decide between career and truth by the weakening censorious and cowardly religious leadership of what is left of formal political protestantism.  I made my decision then.  I haven’t looked back.

And now I can’t even get a lowly below minimum wage job with any company willing to do a google search on my name.  My employment prospects are pretty much impossible because of the internet and cowardice in the workplace.

That’s as it should be.  Economics is downstream from politics, culture and especially religion unless ideology has captured all the power.  It’s clear that Left wing … “progressive” … ideology is driving everything and everybody of any consequence in the world now.

This cannot be sustained forever.  LePage and Trump aren’t going to save U.S.  They’re a little better than the alternatives.  But reality exposes a path forward that is fraught with uncertainty and danger for them, and all of us.

The world has never allowed so much wealth and power to concentrate in such a small group of individuals and institutions.  Charting a righteous and responsible path forward is a job that either includes God, or it doesn’t.  If the world chooses to reject religion in favor of the current woke insanity then the result is easily seen in a cursory look back at the history of humanity.  Cataclysmic collapse is inevitable.  We Christians call it judgment.

And America has been under God’s judgment since before I was born.  Read Romans 1 with a clear eye and open mind.  You’ll immediately get my meaning here.  Your argument isn’t with me.  It is with the Apostle Paul.

So in conclusion you can write my name in for governor if you want.

Even I might do that if I take time to vote.

That’s how much confidence I have in the count, and in the current crop of governmental leadership in Maine — which is to say less than none.


Michael Heath

For generations, my family has served the people of Maine in social, economic, and administrative capacities. I am uniquely qualified to serve as the governor of our great state. Click here to learn more about our campaign.