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A Word from Doctors You can Trust

No sensible person trusts their doctor anymore.  I talked with my 83 year old mother’s primary care physician a few weeks ago.  I sought assurance that she would use every weapon in the pharmacological arsenal if my mom started showing symptoms of the bioweapon.  The “doctor” assured me that she would not do that.  She smugly assured me of the fact that she most certainly would not give my mother vitamin C if she needed it.

A couple weeks later my mom lay dormant in her bed, coughing, unable to make it to her bathroom without assistance.  Who did I call?  I can’t tell you.  But I can tell you it wasn’t her primary care “doctor.”

Because I followed the proven protocol for treating symptoms of the bioweapon my mom never darkened the door of a hospital.  She was back on her feet in five days.  She’s doing fine today.

If you’ve lazily followed the advice you are getting on Instagram then please … please stop for just thirty minutes.  Watch the two highly credible videos above.

Don’t discover their names and do a “google fact check.”  You can no longer get the truth from the company that only knows evil.

Just watch the videos.  Look into the eyes of these doctors.  Make up your own mind.



Michael Heath

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